Argentario, an always calm sea


Argentario, an always calm sea

How many times has it happened to you to arrive in a chosen location after waiting for your vacation for so long, just to find out that the beach and the water were not as clean as you expected? Or sunburning yourself because of the wind that didn’t make you notice the hot weather, but at the same time it was too cool to stay in the shade?
The solution was right around the corner! The coast that extends between the Argentario river and Talamone allows you to choose beaches or small bays always sheltered from the wind.

The wind ripples the water, which turns over the sea bottom and makes you lose the clarity of the water itself. Let’s analyse specifically the Maremma bays; most of the summer days, during the anticyclone, comes the Maestrale from north-west, making it windy from lunchtime till sunset. A perfect condition against the stuffiness and to play sailing sports, Kite surf and Windsurf, but on the other hand it can be annoying for those who want to enjoy the tranquillity. Therefore, map in hand, you need to choose those beaches located on the opposite side of the blowing wind: Cala del Cannone, Spiaggia della Feniglia, Cala le Viste, Spiaggia Lunga, Cala dell’Acqua Dolce, Cala Cannelle, Cala Mar Morto.

It can also happen, not rarely, to have whole days characterised by the presence of the Scirocco. It’s a south-east wind that blows all day long. It’s ideal just for surfing or for playing among the waves. The sea can be very rough if you go to the exposed beaches. Incredibly so though, north and north-west exposed beaches look like a different world, because just 5 minutes away you’ll switch from rough sea to the “flat as a board” one. In these occasions we recommend Spiaggia della Giannella, Cala del Gesso, Cala Grande, Cala Moresca, La cantoniera, Cala La bionda.

There is a really dangerous wind though that when blows hard it makes it impossible to find a sheltered beach. The west wind. Actually a sheltered beach exists, but it’s a secret that Massimiliano reveals only to his guests. And if it rains? Well, in that case, let’s go everybody at the Terme di Saturnia waterfalls!