Information about Parco della Maremma or Parco dell’Uccellina


Information about Parco della Maremma or Parco dell’Uccellina

The main entrance of the park is located in Alberese, along with the ticket office, information center, and bicycle rental.
The park opens at 8:30 in the morning and closes one hour before sunset.
The cost of daily tickets ranges from a maximum of 10 euros to a minimum of 5 (full price) and from a maximum of 5 to a minimum of 2 euros (reduced).

You can enjoy the Marina di Alberese beach by only paying for parking. At the exit, you will find a barrier with an automatic ticket machine where you need to enter your license plate number, previously recorded by a camera at the entrance. The beach can be reached by car, motorcycle, shuttle bus (convenient when the parking lot is full), and bicycle via the cycle path that starts from Alberese.

It is prohibited to bring pets into the park, including the beach, due to the risk of rabies that could be transmitted by foxes and because they could disturb the wildlife. It is also forbidden to feed the park's animals, light fires, leave the trails, and smoke.

For fishing, contact

It is recommended not to wear flip-flops or open shoes, hiking shoes are recommended, as well as mosquito repellent spray, drinking water, and headgear.

You can visit the park on foot, by bicycle, canoe, horseback, or carriage. It is always recommended to stop by the information center first and get a map.

The routes starting from Talamone can be taken after purchasing tickets online.

The beautiful Cala di Forno can be reached on foot or by bicycle, not by car. The difficulty level is medium to high, and the walking time is approximately five and a half hours. Once there, you will likely encounter friendly deer roaming the beach and refreshing themselves in the shallow, crystal-clear water. At the Marina di Alberese beach, you will also find a refreshment area, restrooms, and an information center.

For more detailed information, we invite you to visit the park's official website:

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