Tiburzi and the Brigands of Maremma


Tiburzi and the Brigands of Maremma

The most fascinating stories and legends of our land are about the Brigands. This area was for a long historical period a middle ground, ruled by the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the State of the Church. An inhospitable territory and difficult to reach especially in summer when Malaria was strong. The Grand-Ducal and Pontiff guards could not maintain control and ensure the safety of the population who preferred therefore to rely on the figure of the Brigand. “after The Maremmans didn’t even recognize the authority of the new kingdom of Italy!”

The figure of the brigand was shrouded in mystery, he lived in the forest spots that he knew perfectly, Tiburzi, without a doubt he is the most famous Brigand and he spent 26 years on the run.

Tiburzi was a brigand with a noble heart and great culture, a friend of Prince Corsini, resident in the castle of the Marsiliana (10 km from here), he went several times to Paris (under the Prince's cover) where he loved to go to the Opera. Not all the Brigands were like him, many for example Stoppa from Talamone, Menichetti or Fioravanti were of a completely different philosophy and more than once clashed to establish a sort of leadership.

Obviously Tiburzi always triumphed, until the evening of 24 October 1896, stopping to dine from local farmers at the “Forane of Capalbio”, he was killed by the Royal Carabinieri. Fioravanti fled from the window.... The only photo of the legendary man was taken after his death, at sixty years old. There are many legends about his death, there is talk of suicide (in order not to get caught alive) or even that it was late in the night, drunk and weakened by age, he fired first without the objective and was identified and struck... Or maybe Fioravanti betrayed him.

Tiburzi is buried in the cemetery of Capalbio.
At the time half the body was inside the cemetery and half out, because the government and the pastor did not consider it worthy of burial but all the people were against this decision and from there the compromise.